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Venture Capital

To support the growth of core Japanese industries in the 21st century, the SBI Group invests in Internet related IT enterprises through venture capital funds For future growth sectors such as biotechnology, broadband, and media, we are establishing specialized funds to support the development of venture enterprises. In the future, we will establish funds to support the growth of venture enterprises in the mobile and wireless, environment and energy sectors.

What Is a Venture Capital Fund?

Mechanism of venture capital funds

1. Raise funds from investors
2. Invest raised funds fully utilizing the SBI Group's expertise to identify quality companies
3. Incubate companies and provide support for public offerings
4. Realize capital gains through the sale of stocks
5. Distribute funds to investors

Process of Venture Capital Investments


Our incubation activities are designed to solve the multi-faceted challenges that venture companies face. We make strategic proposals concerning management, marketing, and financing, and assist with their implementation and steadfast adoption. Our group also leverages our infrastructure to promote business reorganization and support sales.

We also have a hands-on approach whereby several SBI Group managers focus on each venture company.

Examples of Hands-on Support Approach
We dispatch executive officers, and offer management instruction and advice in accordance with investee companies' needs. In this process, we make a proposal for business alliances that facilitate corporate value enhancement, introduce potential employees, and provide the necessary support to establish internal management structure and capital policies.
・Support to establish business models or plans
・Support to develop products or services and raise funds
・Support to promote products or services
・Dispatch executive officers or provide access to human resources
・Execute growth strategies through an advantage of scale
・Set business plans, and capital strategies or policies (including strategies to conduct an IPO or other exit methods)
・Support to execute the plans or strategies above (including legal support)
・Support to establish internal management structure (finance/labor control/investor relations)
・Induce and execute managerial accounting system in compliance with inspection based on the Securities Exchange Law
・Other necessary supports

Providing Venture Infrastructure SBI Investment SBI Net Systems SBI Business Solutions SBI Marketing SBI SECURITIES

Comprehensive Support Structure to Help Venture Firms Go Public

We have established a comprehensive system to provide fundraising support leading to each venture firm's IPO by leveraging and fusing the network strength of SBI INVESTMENT, Japan's largest venture capital firm with a strong record in venture company investments, with the sales capability and investment banking (underwriting, etc.) strength of SBI SECURITIES, Japan's largest online brokerage in terms of accounts.

Comprehensive Support Structure SBI Investment SBI SECURITIES

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