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Insurance Business

Direct Insurance

SBI Insurance, a new Internet-based nonlife insurance company co-founded by Aioi Insurance (current Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance), Softbank and SBI Holdings, started operation in January 2008.
SBI Insurance adopts a reasonable standard that makes it possible to compute insurance premiums tailored to the individual lifestyle of the customer. Further, we support customers directly via the Internet, and this enables us to provide more assured coverage services and attractive insurance premiums without incurring intermediate costs.

SBI Insurance serves more convenient insurance products and services to be largest financial product distributor in Japan by pursuing the synergies with the Group’s other financial services and promoting efficient insurance business using marketing channels built from connections of diversified funders’ relationships.

Small-amount Short-term Insurance

Small-amount short-term insurance, an insurance category created by the April 2006 amendment of the Insurance Business Law, is insurance with a smaller insured value and a shorter term than either ordinary life insurance or nonlife insurance. There has been intense media interest in this type of insurance, which has emerged alongside life and non-life insurance as a new insurance option. As a result, the small-amount short-term insurance business has expanded steadily over the past few years.
In addition to SBI Resta SSI, which provides insurance policies for earthquake compensation, SBI Group acquired all share of IKIIKI SEDAI, which provides both life and medical insurance, and endeavors to expand the small-amount short-term insurance business.

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