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Financial Media Business

Based on the customer-centric principle, the SBI Group provides various types of financial information from an unbiased perspective so that customers can select better financial products/services. The SBI Group also provides client companies with advice suited to their needs, thereby assisting their growth.

Seeking to Provide Richer Financial Information

Morningstar Japan’s business objective is to contribute to investor wealth formation by providing an abundance of unbiased financial information from a neutral, objective perspective. Morningstar Japan operates a number of vehicles for disseminating financial information, including the Morningstar Japan Website, a leading financial information site in Japan; The Kabushiki Shimbun, the daily specialty securities newspaper with the largest circulation in Japan; The Kabushiki Shimbun Web Edition; MoneyLook®, one of Japan’s largest account aggregation services; and Searchina, Japan’s largest information site on China, operated by subsidiary SBI Searchina. Morningstar Japan also publishes Gomez website rankings, the leader in Japan. These activities have made Morningstar Japan a financial information provider unrivaled in name recognition, credibility, and information volume and content.

This financial information is not only distributed through Morningstar Japan’s media, but also provided as content for major portal sites or financial institutions such as SBI SECURITIES or as research reports and custom data for financial institutions.

Diverse Financial Information from Morningstar SBI SECURITIES Morningstar Japan

Providing Chinese Investment Information and Other Global Information with a Focus on Emerging Countries

Access to economic and investment information on China and other emerging countries provided to individual investors remains more limited than information on developed countries. Accordingly, we provide easy-to-understand information on these countries to individual investors and support investment in emerging countries through vehicles including EMeye, which delivers economic and investment information from more than fifty countries on the Morningstar Japan Website and Searchina, Japan’s largest information site on China, which is operated by SBI Searchina.

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