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Biotechnology, Healthcare & Medical Informatics Business

Focusing on the Biotechnology, Healthcare & Medical Informatics Business as a Future Growth Business

The SBI Group regards biotechnology as a next-generation core industry. In addition to investing in venture companies in this field, the Group is directly engaged in the operations of Biotechnology, Healthcare & Medical Informatics Businesses, through the operations of SBI Pharmaceuticals, SBI ALApromo, and SBI Biotech. In FY2012, the Group made the Biotechnology, Healthcare & Medical Informatics Business one of its three core business segments. In particular, the Group positioned the 5-ALA related businesses as its most promising growth area, pursuing global business development of 5-ALA in the fields of cosmetics, health foods and drug research and development.

5-ALA Related Business

As for research and development of drug, health foods and cosmetics that contain natural amino acid, 5-aminolaevulinic acid (5-ALA)

R&D for Medical Products

Development of new pharmaceutical products using the most advanced biotechnology in collaboration with leading research institutes around the world

Principal Group Company