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5-ALA Related Business

Providing Health and Enriching Your Life with 5-ALA

The SBI Group is expanding its businesses and developing them globally, as it sees future growth in ALA-related businesses.

5-ALA is an abbreviation of 5-aminolevulinic acid, an amino acid found in the bodies of plants and animals. Amino acids are basic substances that make up the body and important components that support all bodily functions. The potential of 5-ALA, which has been called a substance that holds the key to vitality, is attracting attention in a number of fields, and 5-ALA is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from cosmetics, where it is used in aging care, to the health foods field and medical care, where applications include brain tumor intraoperative diagnosis and cancer diagnosis.

In the SBI Group, SBI Pharmaceuticals is responsible for application of 5-ALA in the pharmaceuticals field for uses such as specification of cancer cells and cancer diagnosis and for the development of not only health foods that contain 5-ALA, but also cosmetics and skincare products that use 5-ALA as a moisturizing ingredient. SBI ALApromo sells those health foods and cosmetics in Japan.

Overseas Development of the 5-ALA Related Business

In the SBI Group’s 5-ALA related business, SBI Pharmaceuticals is spearheading a vigorous effort to research and develop pharmaceuticals and advance a structure for the dissemination of 5-ALA products, notably health foods, in collaboration with local partners in overseas markets including Bahrain in the Middle East, and China and the Philippines in Asia.

The Group is placing particular emphasis on development of the 5-ALA related business in Bahrain, which invites foreign companies to set up operations as part of a national policy of actively developing alternative industries to reduce its dependence on oil. In addition, Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East are plagued by high incidences of lifestyle-related diseases. The interests of Bahrain dovetail nicely with the SBI Group’s aim of overseas development of the 5-ALA related business, and in April 2012, the government of Bahrain and SBI Pharmaceuticals reached a basic agreement and concluded a memorandum of understanding concerning promotion of the research and development of 5-ALA and its dissemination in Bahrain and the GCC(*) region through close cooperation.

Following the agreement, SBI Pharmaceuticals has made Bahrain a core research and development base for 5-ALA application in the Middle East and North Africa region and opened a local representative office. The company is vigorously pursuing activities including joint clinical research with various medical institutions in Bahrain, including university hospitals.

* GCC is an abbreviation for Gulf Cooperation Council (full name: Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), of which Bahrain is a member.

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