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Venture Capital Firm, Collaborating with HIKARI TSUSHIN GROUP

SBI-HIKARI P.E. is a joint venture between SBI GROUP and HIKARI TSUSHIN GROUP. It works as the new general partner of the venture fund previously managed by HIKARI Private Equity which was the venture capital of HIKARI TSUSHIN GROUP.

SBI-HIKARI P.E. invests in private companies not only in Japan, but also in China, Korea and the Pacific Rim countries. Not just investing through funds, SBI-HIKARI P.E. also provides portfolio companies with opportunities to cooperate with other enterprises, sales assistance, management consulting and other such diversified services and support.

Investing mainly in IT, content, and media industries, SBI-HIKARI P.E. ensures portfolio companies comprehensive support that will cause synergetic effects by cooperation with HIKARI TSUSHIN GROUP.

Corporate Profile

Company name SBI-HIKARI P.E. Co., Ltd.
Principal business Operate and manage venture capital funds
Representative Yuichi Kaneko
Location Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment August 24, 2009 (Change of Trade Names)
Paid-in capital 10 million yen
Shareholders * SBI Group 85.09%, HIKARI TSUSHIN Inc. 14.91%

* Ownership percentage is based on voting rights. SBI Group's shareholding percentage corresponds to a total percentage based on the IFRS criteria for subsidiary companies and subsidiary funds of the Group.

(As of March 31, 2020)

Corporate Information & SBI Group