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SBI Children's Hope Foundation

Dedicated to Giving Children a Brighter Future

As a direct social contribution, the SBI Group is engaged in activities to improve child welfare. With so many different kinds of problems in society, why has the SBI Group chosen to focus on child welfare? The main reason is because child welfare in Japan faces grave challenges.

Even though Japan is in the midst of a declining birthrate, every year more and more abused or neglected children are being placed children's homes. The number of facilities (555 as of 2005/12) to treat abused children is increasing nationwide, but chronic overcrowding persists with many needy children placed on waiting lists to receive care. In FY 2005 the social security budget was 84.2668 trillion yen out of which only a mere 3.8% went towards expenses related to children and family. Expenses related to care for the elderly took up 70.4% of the total budget. This is an enormous gap in priorities.

Children, the weakest members of society, are completely dependant upon parents and thus deserve their unconditional love and support. Unfortunately, many children who should receive the love of their parents are being abused by them, which is a social trend of deep concern to the SBI Group. Japan, which has few natural resources, relies on manpower as its greatest asset. Children, who are born with unlimited potential, require parental affection to grow up as healthy and strong members of society. The future of Japan is in the hands of this precious resource.

An enterprise cannot flourish without the steady development of society just as society cannot develop without the active growth its individual members. In other words, the progress of SBI Group depends on the growth of people, who in turn will bear the society of the future. That is exactly why activities to help children, who are our future stakeholders, is such an important enterprise strategy.

For these reasons, the SBI Group will make full use of the knowledge and expertise gained over the years in private business to contribute towards solving child welfare problems.

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The SBI Children's Hope Foundation will make use of the SBI Group's network and knowledge built up over the years as a private enterprise to help abused children grow up as self-reliant adults and to improve child welfare conditions.

The SBI Children's Hope Foundation

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