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CSR Activities

Enhancing CSR Efforts

The SBI Group is vigorously promoting business activities in harmony with corporate social responsibility (CSR) With our password to success, "integrity is the basis of profit," the SBI Group is demonstrating that honest business activities will be rewarded.

Direct Contributions to Society Thus Far

The SBI Group believes an enterprise can only prosper in harmony with society. Building a better company naturally produces better future results. As Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University has stated, "corporate social contribution activities are like strategic investments for a company." In addition to indirect contributions to society through main business activities, the SBI Group is also taking the initiative to engage in direct social contribution activities.

The Softbank Finance board of directors established a basic policy.
Each group company that earns over 300 million yen in profits after tax deductions donates 1% of its profit to the Children's Social Welfare Corporation.
Charitable activities took hold.
After receiving the support of nine special government ordinance-designated cities and 39 prefectures, SBI donated 167.1 million yen (173 facilities) to children's homes and infant homes that are under local government jurisdiction.
SBI established the SBI Child Welfare Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation.
In addition to donations from each SBI company, SBI became the first enterprise in Japan to make use of stock options and securities as donations from supporters.
SBI Child Welfare Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation became fully active.
SBI representatives visit local governments and child welfare facilities across Japan to learn about child welfare facilities.
SBI representatives visit local authorities across Japan and participate in public hearings.
SBI Child Welfare Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation started to receive donations from supporters.
Founders of newly listed companies began to donate treasury stock.
Unlisted companies began to donate stock option rights.
The SBI Children's Hope Foundation was established.
The SBI Group invites supporters from a wide cross-section of society to participate in the Foundation. The Foundation was established to help children become self-reliant adults and to contribute to child welfare through activities to enhance child welfare awareness in Japanese industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility