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SBI Investment

Japan’s Venture Capital Leader Creating New Industries with a Full Hands-on Approach

SBI Investment

SBI Investment is the core company of the Asset Management Business. In the mission statement of becoming the leader in creating and cultivating leading industries of the 21st century, we manage the venture capital funds. With a management portfolio of over 140 billion yen (committed capital, current as of the end of March 2013), we have invested in 684 companies in Japan and overseas. Our performance record makes us one of the best venture capital investments in Japan.
As a “New Industry Creator”, we provide privately held ventures with risk capital through fund investments that support business developments and progress of these companies. Our efforts have generated a succession of IPOs and we have thus contributed to the well-being of society.
Since establishment , SBI Investment has focused on investments on growth sectors such as information technology, biotechnology and life science. Currently, we have expanded investment areas to include mobile/wireless, environment and energy sectors.
Our investment structure makes effective use of management resources within the SBI Group. With this solid infrastructure in place, we can help venture companies overcome in sufficient management resources. As a result, our activities help the growth of our investment targets and enhance these corporate values. Using a full hands-on approach, we actively propose business alliances, introduce talented managers to become executives in venture companies, help build management infrastructure, and help formulate capital policy. The information network that spans the SBI Group, the fund investors, and investment targets abounds with opportunities to create new businesses. Within this environment, venture companies can augment their growth exponentially.
Our investment criteria take many factors into consideration. In addition to management skill and talent, we carefully consider market growth potential, uniqueness, differentiation from competitors, and feasibility of business model. For the investment decision process, an advisory board consisting of specialists in several fields such as fund investors is established. By utilizing external resources, our decisions on investments are more diversified and comprehensive.
With the mission statement of the SBI Group as our guidance, we will continue to support the growth aspirations of venture companies and contribute to the advancement of society.

Corporate Profile

Company name SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
Principal business Operate and manage venture capital funds
Representative Yoshitaka Kitao, Takashi Nakagawa
Location Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment June 7, 1996
Paid-in capital 50 million yen
Shareholders * SBI Group 100%

* Ownership percentage is based on voting rights. SBI Group's shareholding percentage corresponds to a total percentage based on the IFRS criteria for subsidiary companies and subsidiary funds of the Group.

(As of March 31, 2014)

Corporate Information & SBI Group