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Annual Report

As announced in the press release dated September 25, 2014, the Company revised its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012 and the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.

Partial Revision to Previous Years' Financial Results, Securities Reports and Quarterly Reports

The revisions have been reflected in its 2014 Annual Report provided below. The revised sections are indicated with an underline.

SBI Holdings Annual Report 2014

SBI Holdings Annual Report 2014

The SBI Group was established in 1999 as a Japanese Internet financial services pioneer, which was able to capture the tide of two major trends, the development and popularization of the Internet and financial deregulation to achieve dramatic growth. In the fifteen years since its founding, a globally unique Internet-based financial conglomerate was formed, with operations in two key business sectors, the Financial Services Business, where a wide range of financial services are provided, including securities, banking and insurance, and the Asset Management Business, where venture capital investments are primarily involved. More recently, a third business domain, the Biotechnology-related Business was expanded for further diversification and growth. Furthermore, this unique business model is being deployed primarily in the emerging market countries in Asia, as the establishment of a global management structure is steadily moving forward.

Through the further strengthening of the customer base that was developed throughout the years, and the acceleration of the development of a global business structure, a maximization of the corporate value will be endeavored, along with the transition to become the “World’s SBI.”

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