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Insurance-related Business

Non-life insurance business

SBI Insurance started operations in 2008. SBI Insurance provides low-price Auto Insurance that reflects the savings in insurance premiums through low-cost operations by fully utilizing the Internet. SBI Insurance has further strengthened its presence as a direct insurance company by releasing Cancer Insurance in 2012, Fire Insurance and Earthquake Insurance in 2016. In recent years, the company has been working to further enhance its operations by actively incorporating AI into its operations.

Life insurance business

SBI Life Insurance makes full advantage of SBI Group's know-how to develop products and provide services, including the launch of Internet-application-only insurance products. In recent years, the company has been offering Group Credit Life Insurance for housing loan customers of SBI Sumishin Net Bank and to expand its sales channels to the SBI Group's partner regional financial institutions. The company is also promoting initiatives aimed at development and offering of next-generation healthcare products and services that utilize the latest technologies.

Small-amount, short-term insurance business(SSI business)

The small amount, short term insurance market is growing steadily with the popularity of unique and attractive products. Small amount, short term insurance offers high degree of freedom in product development and flexible business operation by small organizations, making it capable for responding quickly to new customer needs.

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