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Securities-related Business

Brokerage Business

SBI SECURITIES started its Internet trading services in October 1999. As a pioneer of the online comprehensive securities business in Japan, under the corporate mission of adherence to the "Customer-centric Principle,"; It has worked to develop the industry's lowest commission structure, provide a wealth of high-quality investment information and real-time trading tools, offer attractive investment opportunities (products), and ensure trading safety. These efforts have met with the approval of large numbers of investors, and it has built a position as the leader in Japan's online securities industry in terms of the number of accounts, customers' deposit assets, and stock-brokerage trading value.

Offering Foreign Stocks

SBI SECURITIES strives to provide individual investors in Japan with more global investment opportunities. It currently offers stocks from a total of nine countries: the U.S., China (Hong Kong market), South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia; since we have started the U.S. stock trading service in August 2003 and steadily expanded the scope of the foreign stock offering. Customers can invest in other markets and financial instruments from around the world by utilizing U.S. ETFs, Chinese ETFs, ADRs, and other investment vehicles.

In addition, in the interest of customer convenience, we have made possible real-time trading of foreign stocks during trading hours (*1) and transaction settlement in foreign currencies and Japanese yen (*2).
Furthermore, to support these investment environments, we actively work to expand and upgrade our extensive provision of investment data via stock information, charts, stock summaries, financial details, rankings, news, and distributing overseas reports.

*1 Excluding Russian and Vietnamese stocks
*2 Excluding Vietnamese and Indonesian stocks

Investment Banking Business

SBI SECURITIES efficiently uses the customer attraction and sales power of its Brokerage Operations to actively develop Investment Banking Operations that include corporate financing businesses (underwritten IPOs and bonds), consulting services for venture firms regarding financial and business strategies, and advisory services of M&As and MBOs.

Investment Banking Oparations SBI SECURITIES

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