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SBI Sumishin Net Bank

The Next Generation Bank that Uses Cutting-edge Technology to Create the Future of Finance

SBI Sumishin Net Bank

SBI Sumishin Net Bank is a specialized Internet bank jointly established by SBI Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (Formerly Sumitomo Trust Bank) in September 2007.

Since the establishment, SBI Sumishin Net Bank has steadily expanded its operations to become one of the leading Internet banks in Japan, with exceeding 4 million accounts, JPY 5.5 trillion in deposit and a cumulative total of more than JPY 6 trillion in mortgage loans.
Through the provision of innovative financial services using IT, SBI Sumishin Net Bank is committed to business operations based on “Customer-centric Principle”, such as by improving the quality of its banking services, enhancing security, and enhancing the UI/UX of its website and applications, with the goal of "Delivering a New Experience to Customers".
Furthermore, SBI Sumishin Net Bank has been promoting various measures to capture the rapid evolution of technologies such as AI, blockchain, big data, and cloud computing. “Neo-bank initiative”, which unbundle the own banking functions and provide them to partner companies that are not financial institution, is one of them. In April 2020, Japan Airlines Group has launched the banking service “JAL NEOBANK”, and discussions are underway with number of major operators as moves toward the realization of “Neo-bank initiative” are accelerating.
By combining the innovative and convenient banking services we have created to this date with our efforts to work with major operators under “Neo-bank initiative”, we strive to build the circumstances of unconscious use of our services.

Corporate Profile

Company name SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.
Principal business Internet banking
Representative Kenji Yamada, Noriaki Maruyama
Location 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment September 24 , 2007
Paid-in capital 31 billion yen
Shareholders * SBI Group 34.19%
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited 34.19%

* Ownership percentage is based on voting rights. SBI Group's shareholding percentage corresponds to a total percentage based on the IFRS criteria for subsidiary companies and subsidiary funds of the Group.

(As of April 30, 2024)

Corporate Information & SBI Group