Yoshitaka Kitao, 
Representative Director, President & CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc.

The SBI Group founded in 1999, has achieved significant growth by offering varieties of financial services beneficial to consumers by riding the two major trends of “financial deregulation” and the “Internet Revolution.”
In Japan, the SBI Group has fully utilized the Internet as its main channel and accomplished creating a financial ecosystem in the Financial Services Business centering on securities, banking and insurance, to become an unique comprehensive financial group that could not be seen anywhere else in the world. The SBI Group has also concentrated in both domestic and overseas investments of the next generation growing industries while investing aggressively in developing countries in Asia, as well as taking part in incubating new startup companies.

Advancement of innovative technologies has progressed all over the world, and the area of fintech in the financial industry, as well as the fields such as AI, blockchain/DLT and IoT, which are now introduced in various industries, hold the potential of creating a trend that the Group has never seen before.
Through maximum utilization of business resources and triggering social revolution by these technologies, the SBI Group will realize the revitalization of regional economies, which will ultimately contribute to regional revitalization, by providing various initiatives that would improve the valuation of regional financial institutions, as well as promoting efforts that would directly contribute to the revitalization of local industries.

Meanwhile, increasing longevity and health awareness is creating a growing expectation towards the advancement of healthcare services as well as the evolution of biotechnology field. In these circumstances, in the Biotechnology-related Business -a business we keep on fostering under the belief that it is one of the core industries of the 21st century- the SBI Group endeavors to build-out a structure which will enable the main Biotechnology-related Business companies to operate independently for its future IPOs, while maximizing the revenues generated from their therapeutic and health foods domains.

While the FSA has recently required “Fiduciary Duty” mindset to financial institutions, the SBI Group has thoroughly adhered to the “Customer-centric Principle” and has kept on providing services from the customer’s point of view since the day of its founding.
Keeping the corporate mission and company cultures at its core, the SBI Group will continue to enforce and pursue the “Customer-centric Principle,” and push forward business strategies that quickly capture new tides in society, to endeavor towards creation of innovative business and services, in pursuit of the maximization of corporate value, which is the sum total of customer value, shareholder value and human capital value.

SBI Holdings, Inc.
Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO
Yoshitaka Kitao