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Integrated Report

SBI Holdings Integrated Report 2023

SBI Holdings Integrated Report 2022

Since its founding, the SBI Group has diligently built a business ecosystem centered around securities, banking, and insurance as its core fields, utilizing the Internet as its main channel. As a result, we have evolved into one of the world’s most distinctive and comprehensive financial groups. Anticipating the transformative influence of digital technology, we are poised to embrace an era of vast digital expansion that permeates every facet of society, extending well beyond the confines of the financial sector. To prepare for this profound evolution, the Group is actively building a digital space ecosystem 2 and pursuing business evolution beyond finance with finance as its core. We will achieve this transition by invigorating our organization through transformation and evolution driven by a recurring cycle of “self-denial,” “self-transformation,” and “self-evolution,” leading to the establishment of an organization capable of achieving sustainable growth./p>

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