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Annual Report

SBI Holdings Annual Report 2020

SBI Holdings Annual Report 2020

In the two decades since its founding in 1999, the SBI Group has created and nurtured core industries of the 21st century through self-evolution. The Financial Services Business is based on the world’s first Internet-based financial ecosystem, and undertakes a broad range of financial services, including securities, banking and insurance. At the Asset Management Business, we conduct investments into and incubation of startup companies, and through the Biotechnology-related Business, we are undertaking the R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, health foods and other products. Moving forward, we will pursue business growth by actively promoting the “Open Alliance” initiative, to develop win-win relationships with companies that have advanced technologies in such areas as fintech, AI, blockchain and quantum computing, along with companies in different industries. Our goal is to sustainably increase the corporate value and social value of the SBI Group through self-evolution and co-creation of value with a wide range of companies.

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