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Working towards Preserving Biodiversity

On the earth, various species are interconnected and support each other in their activities. The SBI Group’s Environmental Policy define that the Group will work towards enhancing environmental awareness through environmental education for employees, and through educational activities for our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. To enhance environmental awareness among employees, and contribute to global environmental preservation, the SBI Group promotes activities by employees who contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Participation in “Arakawa River Clean-aid”

SBI Shinsei Bank Group has taken the lead in participating in the “Arakawa River Clean-aid” by a non-profit organization, Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum, to engage in environmental conservation activities that lead to the preservation of biodiversity.
“Arakawa River Clean-aid” has been conducting “Picking up and researching litter” in the Arakawa river basin for about 30 years, with a total of more than 10,000 people participating at about 150 sites annually.
“Picking up and researching litter” is an activity that not only picks up litter, but also counts each type of litter and converts it into data. The work is conducted in a manner consistent with ICC (International Coastal Cleanup) and is used for social initiatives such as reducing waste and considering effective collection methods, as well as for collaboration with other companies.
SBI Shinsei Bank Group has participated in this activity 10 times since 2009, with a total of more than 400 employees and their families learning about “sustainable society “and “biodiversity” while experiencing the real problem of litter in rivers and ocean. SBI Shinsei Bank Group plans and implements environmental volunteer activities with the goal of providing opportunities for hands-on experience and creating opportunities to raise environmental awareness and foster interest in environmental preservation and biodiversity.

Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum (External website)

Rice Paddy Restoration Project for the Future

SBI FXTRADE is engaged in the “SBI FXTRADE, Rice Paddy Restoration Project for the Future” to contribute to environmental preservation and biodiversity by restoring rice paddies in the valley of the Kasumigaura basin.
Together with Asaza Fund, a non-profit organization working for environmental conservation in the Kasumigaura basin in Ibaraki prefecture, SBI FXTRADE is restoring rice paddies in the valley, the source of water in Kasumigaura, which has become severely deteriorated, and are working to protect the water source of the paddies through organic rice cultivation and other activities, thereby contributing to water quality preservation in Kasumigaura, which is downstream of the valley.
SBI FXTRADE also intends to continue conducting biodiversity surveys and contribute to the understanding and preservation of the ecosystem around Lake Kasumigaura.
Through the activities of this project, SBI FXTRADE will continue to contribute to the preservation of water quality and biodiversity in Kasumigaura in cooperation with residents, striving to build a sustainable society.


Toward to the Global Goal “30by30”

“30by30” target is a global goal set at the G7 summit in June 2021, which endeavors to effectively preserve at least 30% of the land and oceans as healthy ecosystems by 2030. SBI FXTRADE participates in the “30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity” established by the Ministry of the Environment and the private sector, among others with contributing to this goal. The purpose of the project is also to contribute to the expansion of the natural environment area as a company by registering the land of rice paddy restoration project as an Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures (OECM).