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Sustainability Promotion Structure

SBI Holdings has established a Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors, composed of senior managing directors and chaired by the Representative Director, President & CEO. In principle, the committee meets at least twice a year. As part of the SBI Group's corporate strategy, the committee not only discusses and decides upon strategic initiatives related to sustainability, but also verifies and examines the progress of these initiatives as well as reports on their findings to the Board of Directors as needed. In addition, the sustainability measures decided upon through discussions by the committee are implemented across the entire SBI Group, with the cooperation of each group company, through the Sustainability Promotion Office that serves as the secretariat of the committee.

【Main issues for discussion by the Sustainability Committee (FY2022)】
Various measures related to sustainability
Disclosure of information on climate change
Review of materiality and KPIs
Establishment of the 2050 net-zero target and interim targets, and review of progress made in reducing emissions each year
Status of response to ESG-related risks and opportunities
Social Contribution Activities
Consideration of endorsement of and membership in various initiatives, etc.