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Enhancing Human Capital Value

Relationships with Employees who Play Leading Roles in Sound Economic Activities and Our Corporate Growth

The SBI Group believes that people are the source of its creativity and the main driver of the differentiation, and that this gives us a competitive edge. Also, we believe that human resources are the most valuable strategic resources in the SBI Group. As a comprehensive corporate group that innovates without getting caught up in established thinking, we develop human resources that will foster and preserve our unique corporate culture and ensure their sound motivation to work. The Group, for example, creates open opportunities for employment and establishes a solid system for human resources development and a system for fair appraisal and remuneration that satisfies our employees' motivation.

Human resources development

Diversity & inclusion

Creating a Pleasant Working Environment

Human Resources Development

A greater focus on human nature in promotions and the development of human resources that contributes to the maintenance and improvement of society are indispensable in the provision of goods and services to benefit customers. It is an important part of the effort to facilitate sustainable management. Based on this idea, we are committed to increasing the value of our human resources.

Creating open opportunities for employment

The SBI Group's criteria for recruitment place importance on candidates' personalities as well as their professional career. Our employees are expected to be good individuals in terms of their skills and personalities. They may be of any race, nationality, gender or educational background. Under this criteria, we have recruited many human resources of great promise from diverse backgrounds through our new graduate recruitment activities which started in FY2006. In the future, securing human resources to handle tasks requiring highly specialized skills will take on increasing importance, so in 2018 we established a system for highly specialized personnel which enables different actions beyond existing frameworks regarding salaries and working arrangements. We are thoroughly willing to promote talented human resources irrespective of whether they are mid-career hires or new graduates.

Penetration of our corporate philosophy

We are also working to train employees to understand and practice the management philosophy of the SBI Group and corporate culture based on the fact that more than 90% of our employees are mid-career hires. Continuous training is provided to enable employees to implement initiatives with Group-wide synergy in mind, rather than taking a myopic perspective focused on the work of their own department. Moreover, through books written by the top management about management theories and corporate philosophy, we seek to improve the education of employees in moral philosophy and business administration, thereby fostering a sense of unity within the Company and promoting communication.

Fair remuneration that motivates employees

Remuneration for employees focuses on more than just results. We place importance on the processes leading to the results. The SBI Group strives to evaluate employees fairly and impartially and utilizes comprehensive and multifaceted evaluations with input from subordinates and colleagues as well as superiors through the adoption of a 360°feedback system. Decisions on remuneration for our employees are made comprehensively based on multifaceted appraisals, the degree of achievement of half-yearly targets and other criteria such as experience, skills and contribution to the performance of the SBI Group. The policy of rewarding the people who succeed and promoting people with good sense and judgment runs throughout our organization.

Efforts to develop talented human resources

The SBI Group wants to nurture as many talented human resources as possible so that they will play leading roles in the future of Japan. The talented human resources we strive to develop are individuals with great aspirations of contributing to the economy and society, beyond the profits of a single division or company. They are highly specialized in business, have an international perspective, and are equipped with courage and knowledge backed by unshakable ethics and an ability to get things done.
From this viewpoint, the SBI Graduate School opened in 2008 with full support of the SBI Group. The SBI Graduate School extensively draws highly motivated students from outside the SBI Group, and provides opportunities to study moral philosophy, placing more importance on moral education to enable students to grow as good human beings than on intellectual education to cram a lot of knowledge into the students. The graduate school introduces the latest knowledge about business administration in its educational program and provides opportunities for practical learning. We seek to develop talented human resources through dialogue and friendly competition involving people from many different backgrounds and individual traits, between teachers and students as well as among students not through the unilateral impartment of knowledge.
The development of human resources within the SBI Group involves training programs utilizing the SBI Graduate School in addition to on-the-job training in each area of professional knowledge and skills. Employees who aspire to be promoted to senior management positions must complete the SBI Group Senior Manager Training Program before being promoted. We also have a program for dispatching employees who want a more extensive education about business management to the SBI Graduate School. As of the end of March 2021, 132 employees have obtained MBA degrees through this program.

Programs for the development of human resources within the SBI Group

・ New employee training program
Our new employees spend the first year in the company participating in an e-learning program from the SBI Graduate School with the goal of enabling them to understand basic theories and acquire practical skills that will be used in their work every day.

・ Senior Manager Training Program
The program is designed for employees who aspire to be promoted to senior management positions. Our employees are required to take courses centered on moral philosophy for approximately a year at the SBI Graduate School and complete it before being promoted to senior management positions.

・ Employee dispatch program (SBI Graduate School MBA program)
With the main goal of developing human resources that will lead the SBI Group in the future, we have a program that enrolls employees in the SBI Graduate School. Through this program, it is expected that our human resources will be able to see and think about things from a broader perspective, by improving management and business abilities as well as logical thinking.

・ SBI Group's Single-subject and Diploma Program
These programs are a part of our personnel measures with the goal of encouraging employees' self-development. Employees are permitted to learn at the SBI Graduate School while balancing work and their personal lives with a view towards a transition to the employee dispatch program (MBA program).

・ Program supporting the acquisition of qualifications
If employees apply for this program beforehand, the company may shoulder the expenses necessary for an employee to acquire a qualification.

・ Career Open Program
The program enables the SBI Group employees to choose their career path and is divided into three categories: in-house recruitment, self-reporting and business plan proposal.

・ Procedures for employment transfer
To facilitate employees' medium- and long-term career advancement, we have introduced an employment transfer program where temporary employees can become regular or direct employees.

The SBI Group's Personnel Development Process

About the SBI Graduate School

The SBI Graduate School's main focus of its activities are of turning motivated business persons into talented human resources capable of revitalizing the economy and society in Japan and around the world. The graduate school also seeks to produce people with courage and knowledge backed by unshakable ethics and an ability to get things done, who have great aspirations of contributing to the economy and society and not just the profits of a single division or company, and who are highly specialized in business and have an international perspective. With professors and instructors from a broad range of fields, the SBI Graduate School provides not only practical education in business management but also courses on Chinese classics such as The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War, which cultivate students' ethics and resourcefulness, something that corporate managers and leaders in the future must have, and facilitates an extensive moral education to develop individuals.
The SBI Graduate School is characterized by its use of the most advanced e-learning systems to provide classes. Classes could be taken from anywhere with an Internet access and a computer. The SBI Graduate School is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Anyone who completes the graduate school program and satisfies its requirements may receive an MBA (Master in Business Administration), a professional degree.
To enable talented human resources to actively demonstrate their abilities, the SBI Group fully supports the students who have completed the graduate school with excellent performance when they seek to start or expand a business.

Diversity & Inclusion

To continue innovating, we respect the diversity of our executives and employees and focus on the development of a workplace environment that enables diverse human resources to assume leading roles.

Utilization of diverse human resources

The SBI Group believes that consistently achieving sustained growth and innovating requires an environment that enables diverse human resources to respect each other's values and personalities, maximize each other's abilities and improve together irrespective of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other attributes.
The SBI Group operates in 23 overseas countries and regions, and 39.1% of Group employees work at overseas business sites. The SBI Group is willing to promote excellent human resources irrespective of their innate attributes. Today, the ratio of female executive officers is 12.6%. (All figures are as of the end of March 2021.)

Employee Data

Creating a Pleasant Working Environment

The SBI Group takes various measures to build a pleasant working environment for all human resources to maximize their performances.
To encourage flexible workstyles, we formulated an action plan based on the Act Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and support both male and female employees who are raising children to balance their work and family lives. For example, we have contract employees system that allows to work shorter hours to balance work and childcare, as well as a system that allows contract employees to return to a full-time position in accordance with changes in their stage of life.
In 2018, we published our Health Management Declaration and declared our determination to actively build a better environment for employees to maintain and improve their health. As long working hours may induce mental health problems, we have taken many corrective actions throughout the SBI Group since 2015. In addition, since 2016, employees have been required to undergo stress checks. Going forward, we will carefully analyze the quantitative data we collected from the stress checks to understand the operational characteristics and workplace environment of each Group companies. At the same time, we keep considering more effective measures in ensuring that employees remain in good health.

Health Management Declaration

Based on the SBI Group's five management philosophies, we published the Health Management Declaration to ensure we continue to follow the management philosophies.

The SBI Group believes that human resources are the Group's most valuable strategic resource. It is important for employees, our human resources, to maintain good physical and mental health so that they can flexibly respond to the changes of times and always perform at their best.
Based on this view, SBI Holdings, Inc. declares its determination to actively create a better environment for employees to maintain and improve their health.

August 31, 2018
Yoshitaka Kitao
Representative Director, President & CEO