<Reporting Route Diagram>

SBI Group has established a whistle-blowing system enabling Group company staffs, including temporary workers (including within one year from the date of resignation) and executives to report any organizational or individual violations of laws and regulations when they are discovered .

The contact office is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has been set up in the Internal Audit Department of SBI Holdings as a primary contact office, as well as at the Board of Auditors of SBI Holdings as a secondary contact office (regarding the management team to be reported internally) to ensure the ease of use for whistle-blowers. This contact office is made known within the Group by means such as postings (in Japanese and English) on the intranet.

In the operation of the system, care is taken in handling the information, for example by designating and limiting the number of persons in charge of handling the reported information, and whistleblowers are thoroughly protected to ensure that they are not disadvantaged because they reported the information. Information on the informant, including the fact that the report was made, is strictly handled and not used for any purpose other than investigating the facts and reporting the situation to the informant.

The Board of Directors supervises the operational status of the system while the Internal Audit Department reports regularly to the auditors and the Board of Directors on the status of whistleblowing and its content. In FY2022, there were three cases of whistleblowing, and when a report is received, the company responds promptly and conducts a fact-finding investigation while thoroughly protecting the whistleblower. In cases where legal violations are revealed, corrective actions and measures to prevent recurrence are promptly taken.