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Basic Concept of Coexistence and Harmony with Society

"Without society, companies cannot thrive, and without companies, society cannot thrive." Based on this understanding, the SBI Group, as a part of society will pursue continued coexistence with society in harmony with its various stakeholders and will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of society. At the root of this attitude is our principle that date back to the Group's foundation, evidently stated in the SBI Group's Management Philosophies, namely, "Sound Ethical Values" and "Fulfill Social Responsibility," as well as our determination to make our society fair, comfortable, environmentally friendly and safe.

Based on these aspirations, the SBI Group makes use of the Group's diverse management resources while putting legitimate action into practice in light of social justice to contribute to the sound development of society and the economy and the enrichment of people's lives. In addition, the SBI Group will proactively and directly implement social engagement activities for the resolution of social issues to be a strong and respected company that is trusted by stakeholders.

The SBI Group continues to address the following initiatives in an effort to meet the demands and expectations of society.

1. Prevent all forms of discrimination and harassment based on race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious faith or any other attributes and respect basic human rights

2. Always do our best to earn customers'satisfaction and trust through efforts such as customer-oriented businesses on the basis of our "Customer-centric Principle" while enforcing thorough protection of personal data

3. Pursue the development of good relationships with stakeholders through efforts to co-create value with alliance partners and local communities

4. Effectively engage with shareholders, creditors, authorities and other market players to build better relationships in the pursuit of realizing a highly transparent business management

5. Focus on securing and developing human resources responsible for the future generation through efforts such as supporting employees in improving skills and developing capabilities for value creation in the future

6. Endeavor to design a system providing even and equal opportunities to all employees so that human resources from diverse backgrounds can maximize their potential

7. Promote direct social engagement activities with the goal of sharing the profits from our business operations to society