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Towards Greater Customer Value

As a Trusted Financial Group

On the Internet, consumers and service providers do not see each other face to face, and transactions are completed in a non-face-to-face manner. This is why the SBI Group, as an Internet financial services provider, has consistently upheld the "Customer-centric Principle" since its establishment, and strives to take various measures to ensure that customers can use our services with a sense of security and trust.

Especially, the companies that handle personal information are certified to receive the Privacy Mark as an organization that has established a system to execute appropriate protective measures. We thoroughly protect personal information by establishing a safety management system and performing in-house education.

Enhancing the internal control system

To secure safety for customers upon their usage of the SBI Group services, we position the importance of information security as our top-priority management issue, thus proactively driving Group-wide efforts to enhance the internal management framework.

To protect both our customers' and the SBI Group's information and assets against increasingly serious cybersecurity threats, an Information Security Officer has been appointed at each company, and a Group-wide structure to ensure information security has been established. Under this Group-wide structure, we refer to the personal information protection standard given in JIS Q 15001 and the information security management measures given in ISO/IEC 27001, promoting information security measures through organizational management, technical measures, improvements in human errors and external cooperation, to make continuous improvements.

Supporting managerial activities through system maintenance and internal auditing

At the SBI Group, we make everyday efforts to maintain and improve the safety, availability and confidentiality of online transaction systems, etc., to ensure the adequacy of its information security. Furthermore, in terms of internal audit, the department in charge offers support on auditing operations and managerial activities from an independent and fair perspective of legality and rationality, for the efficient achievement of management goals.

Improvement of the customer service

At the Group companies that provide non-face-to-face financial services, such as those that use the Internet as their primary sales channel, we strive to provide better services by improving the call centers or email inquiry service so that our customers may transact under a secure environment while also reflecting customer's feedbacks to the company management.

Integration of the Internet and face-to-face stores

The SBI Group is striving to expand face-to-face consulting services to meet customers' needs that cannot be fully achieved through the Internet alone to carry out its "Customer-centric Principle." SBI MONEY PLAZA, which sells a full range of financial products and services from within and outside the SBI Group, and SBI SECURITIES, which provides asset management in cooperation with IFAs (independent financial advisors), are few of our efforts in realizing a true one-stop financial service that can offer optimal financial products to each and every customer.

Contributing to the development of the PTS (proprietary trading system)

The SBI Group believes that in order to provide investors with more fair opportunities in the Japanese trading market, the development of the PTS as an alternative exchange in Japan and developing an environment for competition with commercial exchanges such as the TSE is essential. By doing so, we believe that it will be possible to provide truly customer-centered services in compliance with the fiduciary duty to the investment community. This is a manifestation of the SBI Group's basic philosophy under its "Customer-centric Principle." Our specific initiatives to date include the establishment of Japannext in November 2006, an affiliate under the equity method, and Osaka Digital Exchange in April 2021 which is scheduled to become the third PTS in Japan.

Providing a Stable and Fair Marketplace Exchange

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