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Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

The SBI Group recognizes that protecting the global environment, which supports biodiversity and is the basis for the survival and life of all living creatures, is essential to the realization of a sustainable society. Based on this recognition, we are practicing our business activities in consideration of the environment and with responsibility for the conservation of the global environment. Specifically, the Company calculates and discloses greenhouse gas emissions associated with its business activities, and supports the financing of companies with products and technologies that contributes to reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, we address to solve environmental issues through our own business activities by introducing such products and technologies in our Group companies.

Change in CO2 Emissions

The SBI Group calculates and discloses the CO2 emissions of SBI Holdings and the Group companies' main domestic sites in accordance with the definition of the GHG Protocol.
The SBI Group strongly recognizes the importance of reducing CO2 emissions to reduce environmental impact, and actively works on this issue on a Group-wide basis.

(Unit: t-CO2)
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
CO2 emissions (Scope 1) - 14 108 107 85
CO2 emissions (Scope 2) 1,916 3,412 3,621 4,140 4,463
Total 1,916 3,426 3,729 4,246 4,548
* There is no continuity in the figures before and after FY2017, as the scope of calculation and other criteria differ between the two periods.
* Calculation method: Based on the electricity usage of SBI Holdings and its Group companies, the CO2 emissions in the relevant range are calculated using various emission factors announced by the Ministry of the Environment

Introducing Business Cards Made of Materials that Contribute to the Conservation of Water Resources

Limestone is the main ingredient of LIMEX, which can replace paper and plastic

Water problems continue to worsen due to population growth, aggravation of climate change and water pollution, and it is said that more than two billion people around the world are compelled to drink unsafe water.
The SBI Group has adopted LIMEX as the material for business cards of its executives and employees from FY2018 to contribute to solving this global environmental issue.
LIMEX is made mainly from limestone, and is a substitute for paper and plastic without using water or wood pulp as raw materials. For example, in the case of business cards, each box of 100 cards will conserve about 10 liters of water resources. SBI Holdings and SBI Investment, among others, have introduced business cards using LIMEX, contributing to the conservation of approximately 20 tons of water resources from April 2019 to November 2021.
Other SBI Group companies have already introduced this LIMEX business cards, and we will continue to expand its usage inside and outside the Group to further conserve water resources.