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SBI Group Human Rights Policy

SBI Group recognizes that "human rights" is the fundamental right that is equally and universally held by all human beings. We believe that respect for human rights is inevitably a natural part of corporate operations.

Based on this mindset, SBI Group supports and respects international norms on human rights such as the "International Bill of Human Rights," the "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," the "ILO International Labour Standards" and the "Children's Rights and Business Principles," and advances business operations in accordance with them.
SBI Group makes it clear to all of its executives and employees, regardless of whether they are executives, full-time or contract employees, that it does not tolerate any violation of human rights, including forced labor and child labor. Furthermore, in addition to adhering to the management philosophy of "Sound Ethical Values," the Group nurtures a corporate culture of respect for human rights by ensuring that all executives and employees are mindful of the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, beliefs, physical characteristics, disability, career and so forth, as well as prevention of various types of harassment and thorough respect for national and regional cultures and customs. Thus, the Group does not condone any violation of human rights.
We also make continuous and appropriate efforts to encourage our stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers (business partners) of each Group company to fully appreciate and agree with the policies and initiatives regarding respect for human rights.
In a case where we identify any incidents of our customers or suppliers (business partners) not respecting human rights, we will make every effort to address and handle it appropriately.

SBI Group complies with the labor laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates and seeks to maximize respect for the human rights of its executives and employees within the Group. At the same time, the Group will cooperate with its stakeholders to build a society in which people's rights are respected as a matter of course.

Development of Remedies

SBI Group has an "Whistle-blowing System" that enables executives and employees (including temporary employees) to consult and report accordingly if they have become subject to any violation of human rights or perceive any case of a breach of human rights. Going forward, we will constantly develop a Group-wide system that promptly recognizes and addresses risks related to human rights while taking sufficient care to maintain the security of the whistle-blower by rigorously handling the confidentiality of the whistle-blowers and the information provided by them.

In addition, to ensure early detection and correction of various types of harassment, SBI Group has established a consultation service that can be used by executives and employees (including temporary employees)and other parties involved in the Group's business operations, including outsourced employees, etc. Meanwhile, the service protects the privacy of consulters and ensures that they will not suffer any disadvantages because they have sought consultation or cooperated in confirming the facts.

In a case where it becomes apparent that a violation of human rights has been caused by or induced from any involvement of the SBI Group's executives or employees (including temporary employees), as well as the products or services provided by the SBI Group companies, it will take appropriate action to remedy and rectify the situation.