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To Increase Shareholder Value

Foster Trusting Relationships through Proactive Engagements

The SBI Group is committed to achieve a sound and highly transparent management through activities such as proactively disclosing information to shareholders and investors and striving to build better relationships with them. We will continue to work to increase shareholder value through initiatives such as M&A, the establishment of a joint venture, strategic alliances, and realization of the Group's corporate value through IPOs of Group companies that we plan to list in the future, in addition to the pure self-growth of each Group company.

Proactive information disclosure

The SBI Group believes that we should disclose information in a manner appropriate to the age of the Internet. Based on this belief, in order to disclose management information and quarterly financial results in a prompt and detailed manner to shareholders and investors, we publish not only presentation materials but also upload videos towards investors on the SBI Holdings website. We also send the Shareholders' Newsletter to our shareholders in the hope of attaining further understanding of our Group.
For overseas investors, whose number has been increasing in recent years, we publish Integrated Reports and various English-translated materials on our English website, as well as providing audio steaming of briefings translated into English.

Building better relationships

The SBI Group believes that information disclosure alone is not enough to build a better relationship with our shareholders and investors. To explain our business performance and future strategies in an easy-to-understand manner and to deepen communication, we hold a Current Management Information Briefing for individual shareholders shortly after the General Meeting of Shareholders held in June every year. We also hold semi-annual briefings on our business strategy and other topics in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.
For domestic and overseas institutional investors, we conduct not only individual interviews but also hold small meetings and participate in IR conferences in effort to promote understanding of the SBI Group and build good relationships with them.
In addition, each company in the SBI Group distributes information through social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to formulate appropriate market valuations and improve its corporate value continuously.

<IR Activities>
Activity Activity content
Financial results briefing for institutional investors and analysts Financial results briefing held quarterly focusing on financial performance and outlook
IR conferences for overseas institutional investors Conducts online meetings with overseas institutional investors during IR conferences hosted by securities companies
Current Management Information Briefing for shareholders Briefing held shortly after the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders every June
Individual meetings for institutional investors and analysts Meetings held as needed upon request from domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts
Uploading of IR materials and videos to the Company website Posting of timely disclosure materials including financial results, press releases, videos, and information on sustainability initiatives
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