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Efforts to Address Climate Change

The number of human casualties and economic losses associated with the frequent occurrence of extreme weather and climate disasters around the world is expected to continue to increase in the future, and there is a need to strengthen resilience and adaptability to weather-related disasters and to take concrete measures to cope with climate change.
The SBI Group recognizes both risks and the opportunities associated with the progression of climate change and is promoting to achieve a decarbonized society (by reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change) by promoting the use of renewable energy, etc., as well as voluntarily disclosing information related to climate change through responses to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Disclosing Information through Responses to the CDP

CDP is a non-profit organization established in London, UK in 2000. It is a project in which institutional investors collaborate in encouraging companies to disclose their climate change strategies and specific CO2 emissions. The CDP provides a global information disclosure platform for companies and local governments, and the information collected is disclosed after analysis and evaluation and used by investors, companies and governments.

SBI Holdings has been answering to the survey since 2013, and the scoring and responses made are available on the official CDP website.
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Promoting the Realization of a Decarbonized Society through Business Activities

To encourage the realization of a decarbonized society, SBI ENERGY is working on the development and the diffusion of "solar sharing" (farming type solar power generation), with which electric power is generated while continuing to cultivate the farmland, as well as solar power generation, small-scale hydroelectric power generation, and biomass (biogas) power generation.