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Promoting Sustainable Finance

As the pace of addressing sustainability issues through business activities accelerates in order to implement the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, sustainable finance is drawing attention, as seen in the expansion of ESG investment and international initiatives such as the PRI and TCFD.
In order to address environmental and social issues and realize a sustainable society, it is necessary to accelerate the flow of investments, consequently finance is said to play an important role.
The SBI Group, as a financial institution, supports the issuance of SDGs bonds, including green bonds, and finance to projects and enterprises with "Sustainable Impact," to help realize a sustainable society.

Support for the Issuance of Social Impact Bonds Including Green Bonds

In March 2019, SBI SECURITIES was registered as a "Registered Support Operator" on the "Green Bond Issuance Promotion Platform" of the Green Bond Issuance Promotion System Maintenance Support Project, run by the Ministry of the Environment. The project purposes to enhance and strengthen support for the issuance of green bonds and promote autonomous issuance and investment through registering and publicizing supporters of green bonds issuance, sharing information on issuance cases, analyzing domestic and international trends, and disseminating information.
SBI SECURITIES had conducted 42 internet offerings for a combined total of approximately JPY 13.8 billion in both yen and foreign currency denominated bonds by June 2023. We continue utilizing our expertise to develop SDGs bonds including green bonds in the Japanese capital market.

<Details of support conducted by SBI SECURITIES for the issuance of green bonds>
1. Initial stage of issuance
Proposals for practices and timelines related to issuance procedures such as selection, evaluation and certification of the project based on the issuers' intention for the issuance of green bonds. Provision of information on green and ESG-related regulations and market trends in Japan and overseas.
2. Issuance planning state
Formulation of concrete plans such as identification of appropriated business, fund management and establishment of a reporting system, and so on. Setting up consultations with external review institutions such as issuers, consulting organizations and rating agencies.
3. Pre-issuance stage
Support for the preparation of various disclosure documents regarding the use of funds and fund management. Support for the preparation of drafts of disclosure documents at the time of issuance of green bonds, such as opinions written by rating agencies and other external review organizations and prospectuses. Support for the preparation of IR materials related to green bonds.
4. Issuance stage
Support for the underwriting sales such as documentation and arrangements for Debt IR for investors.

Finance to Projects and Enterprises with "Sustainable Impact"

SBI Shinsei Bank endeavors to contribute to building a sustainable society through financing of projects and enterprises with "Sustainable Impact", a concept that integrates sustainability and ESG/SDGs with active and positive social impact.
As part of our initiative, in order to support our clients' sustainability initiatives, SBI Shinsei Bank has prepared sustainable finance products that emphasize the consistency with the relevant principles such as the Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles by ICMA (International Capital Market Association), the Green Loan Principles and the Sustainability Linked Loan Principles by Loan Market Association (LMA), etc., in addition to financing products with the sustainability assessment criteria it has created, centered on the concept of "agreement and engagement" with borrowers.

SBI Shinsei Bank

In SBI Investment's private equity business, we have focused our investment on growth fields that will be core industries for the next generation.
Starting with investments in U.S. internet-related companies in the 1990s, we have established venture funds with a cumulative total of approximately 700 billion yen, investing and supporting companies operating in areas related to the internet, mobile and smartphone technology, Fintech, AI, and Blockchain. In addition to these areas, we are investing in and supporting companies engaged in businesses in various fields that will contribute to the realization of "Society 5.0 for SDGs," including IoT, big data, robotics, healthcare (medical and nursing care), and infrastructure (transportation and energy).
We will actively expand to invest in green innovation, ESG-conscious impact investing, and areas that match contemporary trends, such as the metaverse and Web3.
Shinsei Corporate Investment has actively financed projects and companies that could contribute to resolving environmental and social issues through impact investment.

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